Thursday, April 13, 2006


Thank Goodness it's about time!!

More to come on this later....


Anonymous The Rodenator said...

Didn't you expect Kate and Jack to say, "Oh. Michael?", as if they had forgotten who he was.

I found it odd that Walt was referenced earlier in the show, but Michael was not. This is just part of the culture of never talking about anything or fulling explaining yourself that is so prevalent on the island. A rather odd example of this was when Rose didn't explain to Bernard that she knew that the faith healer hadn't healed here, because he said he couldn't and even offered to give Bernard's money back. I can see her not doing this for character reasons, but I still found it annoying.

10:53 AM  
Blogger The New Yorker said...

Yeah, the lack of discussion of anything is completely bogus. Haven't any of these people heard of the power of communication?! But seriously, multiple episodes have gone by where they have not even BROUGHT UP Michael's name. That's ridiculous, and unrealistic. I guess I understood why Rose didn't tell Bernard about all that, but yes, it was still a little silly.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous The Rodenator said...

These people are on an island together. They don't have tv, so you'd think discussion would take the place of that. Or maybe they would build another raft. It seems to me that they just sunbathe all day, or in Sawyer's case read. What is the deal with the other castaways (not the Others) not demanding that Sawyer give the guns and other supplies over to them? The guy is a dick, a charming one, but still a dick and he tries to claim all the supplies. Wouldn't people either ostracize him or take shit from him by force?

2:33 PM  
Blogger The New Yorker said...

Yeah, the thing that bummed me out about that whole plot line is that I thought it was actually interesting and that they were going to use this whole power shift for the rest of the season. But like everything else lately, they just brought it up and then dropped it. It annoyed me.

Sawyer is very charming though, and you'd be surprised how far charm can get a guy...

2:39 PM  
Anonymous The Rodenator said...

.... and all this time I was being a dick to no avail.

3:12 PM  
Blogger jeremybgg said...

you are so, so, so, SO wrong about just about everything. it was a great episode. why?

- rose knowing about locke
- locke finding a new purpose (the map)
- "froyo"
- bernard is my new favorite castaway
- the rose/bernard story is not over. what a stupid thing to say. "we'll never leave!" you don't think THAT'S not going to come back and bite him in the ass??
- we get michael back but not Walt. how obvious. and how awesome.
- confirmation (no pun) of the church

i mean, come on -- this is all setting up some big, big stories for season 3.

and if you don't think there's gonna be a big ol' power struggle between Jack (with his army), Locke (with his map) and Eko (with his church), then you're being just plain silly.

they're not "dropping" the idea of a power struggle -- it is repeatedly brought up. you don't just have a character say "i'm gonna start a power struggle." what makes LOST better than most shows is the SLOW BUILD OF STORY AND CHARACTER.

and before you say that i'm an apologist, i will concede that it felt like they were too sprawley and losing their way earlier in the season -- but i have confidence in these writers.

jesus, i hate to sound like a talkbacker, but if you find it boring, STOP WATCHING.

6:48 AM  
Blogger The New Yorker said...

I'm well aware of the power struggle elements that they try to build slowly -- Jack vs. Locke, Jack vs. Sawyer, etc. The problem that I see is the lack of continuity between these things. They start to develop something and then the issue is dropped for several episodes at a time. I understand the technique of planting a plot seed in a show so it can then blossom when you least expect it somewhere down the line, but HOW far down the line before we loose interest along the way. That has been my biggest gripe about the show all along. I grew up watching old movies from the 40's, 50's, 60's --I'm use to slow unraveling of story for the sake of character and subtlety, but when you're talking about twenty four installments of television, where less than a third have momentous plots and or confrontations/conflicts, that is a lot to ask of an audience. You talk about what they're setting up for season three but don't you see that's exactly what they want you to do --accept filler episode, after filler episode, with the hope that some day these things come to a glorious head. They may, and they may not. I recognize this show as having had some brillant episodes, in both this season and last (though more so last season), and I continue to watch because while I may not have total faith in the writers at this point, I still have hope. I thought last week's episode was interesting, but the week before that was terrific. I know they can still deliver, I just have a low tolerance when I feel like shows preform under their potential.

9:47 AM  

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