Monday, April 18, 2005

Star Wars Ticket Mania

As many of you already know, tickets for Star Wars Episode 3 went on sale on Friday. I should have posted when I knew about it, but I was in too much of a frenetic fray to get my crap together. You see, AMC started putting their tickets on sale Friday morning. This caused other theatres who hadn't even been planning to release their tickets till later, to put theirs on sale too, because they wanted to get in on the action.

The Arclight Cinemas, which is at the center of all the controversy about Star Wars not screening at the Chinese, secretly put their tickets on sale at 6 PM on Friday. I swung by the theatre myself at aroung 7 PM to pick up a couple blocks of tickets and check the scene out. I was amazed to see that the theatre was bustling but unusually geek free. Things were so under the radar at that time that I was surrounded by couples in their 30's and 40's going to see The Upside of Anger and Eros instead of drooling fan boys in black t-shirts.

The drama continues to unfold at Liningup.Net where queen warrior princess of the nerds Sarah Sprague whines about the misfortune that they, the last memebers of the rebel alliance now face at having to "split up" instead of being able to unite their light saber force as one and watch the movie while sitting on each other's laps.

Its amazing to me that these people, who don't know each other from Adam, are upset about not being able to see it together. As if the nerds who sacrifice all by waiting in line, are somehow bigger fans, that those who are not able or willing to stand in front of a movie theatre for weeks before the film is released. Its ridiclous. I mean if you see it in the first couple days, you are going to be seeing it with hard core fans regardless. No one else would brave the mobs and plan ahead enough in time to get their tickets in the first place. Though I must confess I wouldn't mind seeing a battle between a Star Wars fan who lined up, and one who did not as they try to outgeek with one another. My guess is who ever has Palpatine/Dooku '08 virtual campaigning kit will win.

{A special shout out to my fellow Paduan who gave me the heads up on the lining up link}


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