Monday, May 16, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle: Part Deux

For those of you who absolutely loved Kung Fu Hustle as much as I did, here's some good news. Not more than two days ago The Hollywood Reporter published a press release about the sequal to Kung Fu Hustle that has just been greenlit by Colubmia Tri-Star Pictures.

According to the article:

"Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia managing director Barbara Robinson said Chow and his writing team from "Hustle," including Tsang Kan Cheong, have been writing a draft in the evenings while on the road for the 30-country Sony Pictures Releasing International rollout of the film(Kung Fu Hustle)."

Wow. They must be downing a lot of those Starbucks Espressos one shots.

I eagerly await the release of this film, and while I'm excited it will come out sooner than later, I just hope their rush to get the sequal out doesn't result in slapdash work.

Production of the follow-up film is supposed to start towards the end of Fall this year.

Hooray for dancing, quirky, unsung Kung Fu fighting heroes!


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