Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Yorker thinks forecast for Box Office this weekend looks interesting.

Hello all,

This weekend a bunch of new movies enter the mix. We have two big releases, The Island and Bad News Bears, and two mid-size releases, The Devil’s Rejects and Hustle and Flow.

Not to mention the fact that we have two pics that are going to have some major holdover I think, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wedding Crashers.

Wow, what a box office splash! As much as I’m sure the studio execs for each and every one of these movies are foaming at the mouth to see what sort of monetary response their beloved flicks will get, I am going to make my own predictions.

Now this is a toughie, because while I’ve narrowed down the selection to kid movie takes all, with two in the mix, I’m not sure which one will knab the first place prize.

My guess is to go with Charlie and the Chocolate factory for the winner of the weekend, two weeks in a row. I think it will gross about $37/38, about a 20 million drop from last weekend.

I think Wedding Crashers will come in second with about $25 mill. I think it’s one of these comedies that has legs, and will continue to bring in a draw through word of mouth.

My prediction is Bad News Bears will trek in at a close third at around $23 mill. It has the nostalgia factor, and the kids factor, and will also skew older than Charlie and the Choco factory, which could be a positive thing.

Next I think we’re looking at The Island. Despite the fact that it’s been tracking very poorly I think the fact that it has the Michael Bay Brand on it, and it’s the only real action offering that’s been out in weeks, it should do about $17 million. (not to say I’d be crushed if it did less….)

Hustle and Flow will do about $13 million, in the number five place slot, and not too far down will be The Devil’s Rejects at $11 Million.

It should be a hearty weekend for the box office overall, but I think it’s an inevitability that their will be at least a couple losers. I think my dollar amounts may be a little high, but I feel fairly confident with my overall ranking.

The flood of summer movies continues next week when Stealth (at last!), Must Love Dogs, and Sky High come out. It saddens me to think after next week there will only be one month left of summer fun! And let’s be honest, they always stick in the real stinkers at the end of the season….*sigh*

We’ll see how up to date my crystal ball is on Monday, and stay tuned for my review on The Island.


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