Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Plug for My Date with Drew

Hey Folks, I know I’ve been MIA for a while (still working on my Harry Potter review), but I just wanted to take a short beat and plug a little movie called My Date With Drew.

My Date with Drew is a small independent documentary that was actually completed about two years ago, and finally got the distribution to get a nationwide release. Now Romantic Comedy isn’t exactly my genre….however, this movie really hit home with me because what it’s really about is achieving your dream. The movie follows everyman and aspiring filmmaker, Brian Herzlinger, as he tries to achieve his lifelong fanstasy of going on a date with his childhood crush Drew Barrymore. But beyond that, Brian is trying to do something that will boost him out of his career rut ---something that would nudge him closer to his overall goal of being a filmmaker. The concept of working towards a goal that has tremendous personal value but seems like an enormous challenge, is one I think that we can all relate to and find inspiring.

It just so happens that I also met two of the filmmakers personally at a screening that I attended on Sunday evening, and the fact that they are warm, enthused individuals who seem passionate about their work makes me root for this movie even more. Small movies like these are the little gems that often get overlooked within the barrage of big studio output. But that doesn’t mean they pack less of a punch, and often times, despite of and perhaps because of the fact that they come out of limited resources, they shine with a raw sort of glow that comes from people doing that they truly love to do.

So go out and see My Date with Drew ---I won’t put any spoilers on this one, and give away if he gets the date or not, just go see it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


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