Monday, April 17, 2006

Little Jurassic Park

I'm not exactly a fan of the David Spade Showbiz Show, though I have it foisted on me from time to time. However, recently, Spade screened an absolutely brillant low budget recreation of the theatrical trailer for the first Jurassic Park, done by the Neistat Brothers . Spade challenged the filmmakers to recreate a the trailer for a film using a few paltry items: little plastic soldier men, a toy dinosaur, and some paper and markers. The Neistat brothers decided to go with Jurassic Park, probably because they figured the plastic dinosaur was a gimme. The remake trailer uses the audio of the original. The description of this little project, probably makes it sound like one of the zillion cheap trailer/movie ripoffs that flood the internet everyday, but this one is really funny. When the video aired on the showbiz show, Spade showed the remake trailer first, and then played it again, side by side to the original trailer. The similarity is remarkable, and I suggest rewatchting the original Jurassic Park trailer .

(The trailer should be on the top row of videos, its title is "Little Jurassic Park")


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