Saturday, March 19, 2005

Run for the Hills, not The Island
OR When Good Scripts Happen to Bad People

Remember when Michael Bay was being interviewed about his upcoming film The Island, and he said:

"It's wierd to say it's a movie about clones. I don't even like the word clones. It makes it sound really geeky. But the movie's not geeky in any way."

Could it be, someone's still a little sensitive about being hung on the goal posts for still bringing their Star Wars lunch box to school as a senior in high school?

On Thursday night, I saw the brank spankin' new trailer for the island which ran before The Ring 2. Talk about one disappointment followed by another.

It's everything you would expect from a Michael Bay movie, lots of helicopters, big explosions, lots of people running, and overly blown dramatic music in the background. One big giant cheese fest.


{To read more of my ranting on this once promising science fiction film please refer to my previous post entitled Hollywood Screwups aka The Island}


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