Sunday, March 13, 2005

Show me that smile again...

For all of you pop culture aficionados out there, I have found the website for you; This website is a joy. The Theme Songs section has a particularly impressive listing of many of my old favorite TV shows. It lets you download the theme song and in many instances watch the intros of the show as well. The quality is a little fuzzy, but you still get the retrorific enjoyment you crave. It includes, among others Care Bears, David the Knome, Duck Tales, Heathcliff, Inspector Gadget, MacGyver, Perfect Strangers, and many, many more.

On a related tangent, as I was reminiscing with a friend this evening about TV days gone by, I realized just how much gosh darn Television I watched as a child. There were periods of my young life where I would go to my grandparents house in the Bronx, and watched TV all day long. Literally all day; my grandparents God bless them spoiled me rotten and let me do whatever I want. So I would wake up at like nine or ten, and spend the entire day in front of the TV until about eleven PM which was generally considered bedtime unless something REALLY good was on. That's about thirteen hours of televion a day.

Here's a sampling of some of the shows I watched on a semi-regular basis either in syndication or what have you (by semi-regular I mean I've watched at the very least ten or more episodes of these shows...)
All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Mama's House, Nell, Amen, The Cosby Show, 227, Night Court, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss, MASH, Cheers, P.S. I love You, Magnum P.I., The A-Team, MacGyver, Star Trek Original Series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, G.I. Joe, Heman, The Real Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Inspector Gadget, The Jetsons, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, Care Bears, Tiny Toons, The Smurfs, Muppet Babies, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, The Flinstones, Animaniacs, Shera, Transformers, Thundercats, Gummi Bears, Dobey Gillis, Gilligan's Island, One Day at a Time, Laverne and Shirley, The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, Perfect Strangers, Mission Impossible, Dragnet, The Monkees, Saved by the Bell, Mr. Ed, The Munsters, The Addams Family, Cagney and Lacey, The Odd Couple, Three's Company, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Taxi, Sanford and Son, The Love Boat, Benson, Mr. Belvedere, Little House on the Prarie, Charles in Charge, Three's a Crowd, Too Close for Comfort, Welcome Back Kotter, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Hawaii 5-0, T.J. Hooker, Highway to Heaven, CHiPs, Dukes of Hazzard, Kolchak:Night Stalker, Falcon Crest, Good Times, What's Happin', Charlie's Angels, The Bionic Woman, Knightrider, Family Ties, Full House, Different Strokes, Webster, The Facts of Life, Spenser: For Hire, Jake and the Fatman, Simon and Simon, The Golden Girls, Silver Spoons, A Different World, The Fall Guy, The Hogan Family...

I mean its a miracle I didn't end up being the unibomber or something. I wonder if its a bad thing that I can still remember all the lyrics to the Animaniacs and Growing Pains theme songs. Is it possible that there are better and more useful pieces of knowledge that could be stored in those brain cells? I guess I'll never know.

Another good site to check out is


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