Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Film Blogs: the good, the bad, and the ugly

In my e-travels, I have come across two different websites for two films that are both eagerly anticipated in the film nerd set. The first is the site that they've put up for the film, Superman Returns, which Bryan Singer is directing: . After X-Men 1 and 2, Bryan Singer has fallen into the geeky directorial niche of comic book movies. Good for him, that is very impressive. However, the site for his film...not so much.

First off, Blue Tights Network? That doesn't sound so much like the name for a Superman website, more like a site that caters to dragqueens in Vegas. Also couldn't Warner Brothers spring a little bit more cash for a graphic designer who was maybe, say, older than twelve? I know I'm not really one to talk, but the site is pretty low budget (and it shows) for a big Hollywood blockbuster movie.

The introductory "Welcome to Sydney" video where Bryan Singer attempts to introduce the website is awkward, and too short. Perhaps in an attempt to be funny, Bryan whines to his assistant as to where the camera should be pointing, and what shot he wants, but this only makes him look like a primadonna. The problem is we get more of Mr. Singer futzing then we do of actual Superman Returns tidbits. Also there's this kid screaming bloody murder in the background (the video was shot on the streets of Sydney, Australia) who they couldn't get to shut up. The audio of Bryan Singer that you hear over the images of the set and the art sketches, which actually look pretty cool, still has the high pitched yelling in the background. The effect is... grating. Don't they believe in ADR on that side of the world?

Of course Singer and his ilk might be going for something more geeky like KongisKing the website/blog for Peter Jackson's King Kong, but even so ugly does not equal nerdy. Surprise, surprise, Jackson's site is superior.

At KongisKing you can get your daily dose of the huge monkey's biopic. Jackson posts a video diary every single day of shooting, where he speaks directly into the camera, without coming off like a tool. We get a sneak peek of the scenes they're shooting that day, and get glances from the familiar friendly faces of the crew, many of whom you'll recognize if you watched the special features of the extended editions of Lord of the Rings. The site is obviously handled by a competent team that also updates daily info about the cast, crew, and King Kong as cinematic legacy.

There you have it, two sites to sift through while bored at your desk. Enjoy.


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