Monday, April 04, 2005

The Weekend Roundup

I know its getting late in the day to post this up, but I’ve had a bit of a day at work.
Ok, so my first weekend out, not too shabby. Let’s compare my guesses to what actually happened.

New Yorker’s Guesses
1. Sin City $22 Million
2. Beauty Shop $18 Million
3. Guess Who $15 Million

Actual Box Office
1. Sin City $28 Million
2. Beauty Shop $13.5 Million
3. Guess Who $13 Million

Well I got all the places right, and was a bit off on the films’ weekend grosses. I was honestly not expecting Sin City to make that much money, and had allotted the extra six million to Beauty Shop and Guess Who. My closest guess in terms of money was Guess Who, which held steady at third place; I came within two million of getting that one. Beauty Shop also underperformed a lot compared to my expectations. Though the reviews have been terrible for it. I would have thought that the Barbershop fan base would have carried over to this one, but I guess they must have lost a lot of their male audience. I suppose they did market the film as a bit of Steel Magnolias meets Booty Call. Egads.

Coming in fourth place, Robots finally broke $100 Mill, though I still haven’t seen it yet. Admittedly I have asked several friends if they will go see it with me, and they have all turned me down. Sadly, it’ll probably end up being a rental for me.

This weekend is going to be an interesting one: Fever Pitch will battle it out against Sahara. I’ve heard Sahara was terrible, so terrible in fact that Clive Cussler, the author of the novel it was based on, wanted to sue Paramount for ruining his story. But then again the whole DaVinci code thing has been doing well, I mean look at National Treasure, it raked in quite the pretty penny. Fever Pitch on the other hand, has a good angle because it might draw in both women who like romantic comedies and Jimmy Fallon, as well as some male die hard sox fans, who would even endure Drew Barrymore for a couple scenes with Johnny Damon. This movie was actually altered greatly when it looked like the Sox were going to win the series, and they had to wait until the series ended to do the final changes of the script.

We’ll see how well I do next week.


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