Friday, June 03, 2005

Superman, More, More

More wonderful foolishness from the Bluetights Network . As much as I like to make fun of this “happy” little website, I am constantly drawn to it, because I feel that inspite of himself, Singer may be well on his way to creating a masterpiece. Well. That’s probably an overstatement. They’ve started playing portions from the John Williams score of the original Richard Donner film (which is so amazing) and its gotten me all emotional involved in this remake now.

I recently watched the video entry Ma Kent Andretti , and was first star struck by Eve Saint Marie, who plays Clark Kent’s mother, and got sucked in by the couple shots they showed of her performance as she found baby kent in the fields, with the soft sound of strings playing underneath. I wish in fact, that I could see more of that, than Bryan Singer display his hypochondriac tendencies, as he dances around proclaiming that he has such a “pimp” trailer - a trailer fit for a rock star. Yes Singer’s prancing around in his beanie I could most certainly do without. But in spite of that nonsense, what I’ve seen so far of the actual footage of the film, has looked really good.

Can it be that a truly talented artist can be so douchey? I never like to think that, but if this “Blue Tights” business has proven anything, it may very well be that. (Sigh.)


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