Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars Boffo B.O.

So I predicted Episode would rake in $125 Million, but I obviously underestimated the power of the dark side. According to Box Office Mojo.Com the four day total comes in at $158.5 Million, breaking a whole lot of records, including, highest single day, two day, and three day grosses.

People really are coming out in the droves to see this puppy. 20th must be kicking themselves right now, as they get to see very little of all this gold rush. If there's one thing you can say about Lucas, he certainly has plenty of business know how. Lucas had a singular "creative vision" and he spent a ton of his own money to get these movies out there exactly the way he wanted. Though some argue he could have done well to listen to outside opinions on how to make these movies, he's the one who's gettin' his right now.


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