Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Baseball and Mordor

During this season of holiday cheer, I’d like to bestow upon you dear reader, a small gem.

It is a snippet of an instant messenger converstion between my brother and a friend of his regarding the news of Boston Red Sox golden boy, Johnny Damon, going to the New York Yankees. My brother is a Yankee fan, his friend a Sox fan, and well….I’ll let the excerpt speak for itself. Needless to say I think my spot as resident nerd in my family may be handed over to my little brother.

BROTHER: It’s like in Lord of the Rings, the gathering of the armies…

FRIEND: And the Yankees are the shire folk?

BROTHER: No that would be the Red Sox, because they’re ugly and stupid.

FRIEND: Shut up.

BROTHER: The Yankees are Gondor, --in the greatest city with a rich history. And now they will have the “return of the king” (i.e. another world championship) and there will be peace in Middle Earth (the tri-state area).
Besides Gondor has the coolest uniforms. (Yankee Pinstripes)

FRIEND: No. Red Sox nation is the last alliance of elves and men where all that is good in the world has united to defeat the Dark Lord (Steinbrenner) and his Black Riders (Jeter, A-Rod, Giambi, Matsui, Sheffield, Posada, Johnson, and Williams) and now the lord of the Nazgul the Fallen King (Damon)

BROTHER: Wait…but red sox would only count as “men”. Who are the Elves? And Minas Tirith is totally New York. But I guess I could Steinbrenner being the Dark Lord…

FRIEND: Hah! New York is Morder! New Jersey is Isengard!

BROTHER: LOL. Mordor is Red Sox Nation…an evil kingdom that tries to win the hearts of the people.

FRIEND: No. Boston is the last stronghold of men. If Boston falls, all of major league baseball falls with it…

Well folks, there is your dosage of nerdiness for the day. As for me, I’m pretty indifferent about the whole thing. Go NY Mets!!


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