Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Holy Hijinx Batman, the new Superman trailer is up!!

Ok. Must control breathing….must type out words….

Just finished watching the full length Superman Returns trailer , that was posted on Apple Trailers today.

It is without a doubt, amazing. I thought the teaser was incredible, with its majestic images, flashbulb storytelling, and original Marlon Brando voice over, but the trailer surpasses it. The teaser’s quick cuts lured us to the edges of Superman’s world, and touched upon pivotal moments of his character. The trailer gave a complete vision of what this world would be like.

First of all –Lex Luthor. Kevin Spacey looked just the part with his shaved, polished head and smug smile. I still think it will be near impossible to surpass Gene Hackman’s performance from the original Richard Donner film. Hackman’s zealous characterization of the villain was unforgettable, and his comedic repor with Ned Beatty’s, Otis was hilarious. Still it seems like Spacey’s Lex is going to be just as spunky and smart alecky –the scene where he tells Lois to repeat what she said is cute. As with Lex Luthor’s role in the ’78 version, --no one will ever be able to trump Jackie Cooper as newspaper boss, Perry White, --he was just too perfect. But I trust Frank Langella will do a good job –I like his delivery of dialogue in the trailer, and I thought he put in a solid performance in a similar role as William Paley in Good Night, and Good Luck. Even Kate Bosworth, who normally doesn’t strike my fancy, puts forth a sweet, almost bookish Lois Lane. I like that they stuck to Lois’ originally brunette coif, and conservative outfits. I had no idea that Lane’s subplot involved her getting married and having a kid, but I think its definitely an interesting way to go, so long as they steer clear of a lot of goofy kid jokes. As for Brandon Routh. He couldn’t look more the part. It’s almost eerie how closely he channels Christopher Reeve from the original films. Routh has piercing eyes and a handsome face, but only time will tell if he’s really got the acting chops to make the performance resonate. I’m certainly hopeful from the glimpses of his expressive features in the trailer that he will be able to cut the mustard.

The camera work and VFX for this film are artistically done, it ‘s all very impressive stuff. The shot of Superman hovering above earth in space, with his cap fluttering into the darkness is gorgeous. The framing of the shot takes the sensibility of a comic book panel and gives it a cinematic twist. Clark Kent’s giant leap into the lush green cornfields, is equally stunning. The flying looks great, and I love the dark hushed art deco flair of the buildings in Metropolis. That shot of the people standing in the street and looking up at the sky, which was in the teaser, still gets me everytime. The shot Superman and Lois floating up in front of the revolving Daily Planet globe is very fetching. I love that they are keeping the original John Williams theme, though Williams himself did not score Superman Returns, and I’m curious to see, or rather hear, what the composer decided to do for the rest of the film. Luthor’s ship on the water looks a little off, but the sequence with the Superman and the fierly plane among the clouds is bound to be memorable.

As far as trailers go, I thought this one was really sleekily done. The editing, the timing of the music, and the shots. It was all pitch perfect. Spiderman 2 still remains my favorite of the recent comic superhero films but based off this trailer, I think Supes might give Spidey a bit of a run for his money…

I am REALLY excited for this movie. Fifty nine days and counting!!


Anonymous crazymonk said...

I honestly thought it looks boring.

6:48 PM  
Blogger The New Yorker said...

Really?! How? Why?

7:54 PM  
Blogger The Coen Bros. said...

I agreewith crazymonk. I thought the plane crash looked cool, but the rest just looked kind of boring. It looks like there are going to be lots of shots of people looking at "awe" and long, lingering majestic shots of superman floating about.

Not to mention, superman has always been a bit boring. He's invincible. The first movie was good 'cause we got his origin, the second was good because he became mortal, but the others sucked 'cause all in all, superman is kind of lame.

Lastly, they have a young f!@#ing kid! I hate that conceit in films oh so much.

So all in all, it looked visually cool, but I am more excited for M:I:iii, Pirates 2 (now that was a cool trailer), and hell, even X3.

8:14 PM  
Blogger The Coen Bros. said...

I did like Lex a lot, though. He might just make the film.

8:52 PM  
Blogger The New Yorker said...

Wha? Boring? I don't understand you people... OK, I mean I get the whole Superman is a little vanilla thing -but don't forget Kryptonite. While on the surface he is just this ultimate "nice guy" I think a savvy director/writer would try to eek out a dark side within him; which I think would be really interesting.

You're that excited for MI3? Oh boy --I'll be surprised if that one's passable. I like JJ and everything, it's Cruise I've grown a little weary of, and I feel like this franchise took a wrong turn last installment. I think its going to take a lot to right its course.

9:23 PM  
Blogger The Coen Bros. said...

Okay, then what about the new Bond trailer. Now that's a trailer! Can't wait.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I was kind of put off by the Superman trailer, too. It's not that it doesn't LOOK great (it does) or that the actors are sub-par (they're not), it's just that I am having a difficult time distinguishing this from the original. Why am I supposed to care so much about this? It's not like we haven't visited this story before - Superman is strong, saves city, Lex finds kryptonite and harnesses it to destroy Superman, Lois gets saved, etc. etc. I feel like I'm just waiting for them to hit all the beats that I expect them to hit. At least with X3, I can look forward to a new story.

Also, Pirates wasn't even on my radar, but that trailer completely sold me - it looks like a fun movie.

9:08 AM  
Blogger The New Yorker said...

Yeah, I mean I can see your point. A remake is a remake is a remake but what's the point....

Still I was really wary of Batman Begins and I thought that one turned out pretty well.

Pirates 2 is going to be amazing.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous crazymonk said...

Yeah, I guess I just find the Superman mythology boring. Generally, I'm beginning to find all modern superhero movies to have the same feel, the same look (w/ the exception of Hulk), the same humor, etc. Yawn.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous The Rodenator said...

I think it looks cool. It gave me the chills all the times that I watched it.

Crazymonk, did you like Hulk? I thought it was terrible.

I thought the Bond trailer looked cool, but there were no grand action sequences like that plane sequence in SR.

8:00 PM  
Blogger The New Yorker said...

I liked the Bond trailer, but I'm still not sold on Craig at JB. We'll see.

8:41 PM  

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