Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tagline of the Week - Courtesy of Crash

I was doing my ritual scanning of the Apple Trailers web site, when I came upon the trailer for Crash .

Just what we need, another Debbie Downer movie listing the woes of living in Los Angeles, because, you know Paul Thomas Anderson doesn't have that market covered. Oh we're all so disconnected, we all live in our little seperate bubbles, traveling around in our metal sheaths known as automobiles. Oh the existentialness of it, the sheer dehumanization.

Sorry folks, but you can't really pin that on LA, what you are describing is modern industrailized life as we know it. My friends in New York City, Washington D.C. and Boston get depressed sometimes too. Honest.

The tagline on this soporific tragi-drama is "Live your life at the point of impact."

My answer to that is no thank you, I don't mind if i don't. Living life at point of impact sounds horribly fatalistic and painful. I prefer to think of my "raison d'etre" in slightly more optimistic turns than as moments of sudden damage or destruction at the collision of two entities.


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