Thursday, March 03, 2005

A to do list: Hollywood Assistant Style

For those of you not involved in the entertainment industry who have wondered just what it is that a Hollywood assistant does on a day to day basis, here is a peek into the inside. The list posted below was carelessy tossed asunder and fell into my came into my posession.

The list was apparently sent from a first assistant to a second assistant regarding tasks that must be completed for their boss.

For those of you not itimate with the Hollywood caste system, yes there is even a heirchy with assistants. Busy offices usually have one head assistant who delegates to other assistants, and there can be anywhere from two to five depending on the boss. Names below have been changed to protect the asses of everyone.

(Reading this list gave me the chills, and not the feverish kind. Memories, light the corners of my mind...)


Here's the list that Gandlaf gave me:

french bread
chopped liver
3 pints of peppermint ice cream
chocolate cookies to make a pie crust
flower (ya, they really mispelled flour)
heavy cream

The turkey from The Prancing Pony will be ready on Friday after 10 AM.

The Ginger Cake will be ready on Thursday at noon.

Also, Gandalf said to just fill the fridge with all the stuff he normally likes.

Also, you should get a trunk today. Unpack that and send whatever you think needs to be cleaned to the dry cleaners. There are two boxes coming for Bilbo. Just throw those in his office. And there will be boxes that arrive tomorrow too. Please open them and put the gifts under the tree and hang his coat up. There are also these little presents that are wrapped. These are all toothpastes and can go in his office. You'll know them - they are all the same shape and there are about 8 of them, I think. Just open all the boxes that have come in to make sure nothing is food and put the presents under the tree.



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